Friday, November 9, 2007

All systems go!

So.. after I wrote my last post this morning, I read the comments people left me on my TMI TMI TMI post. Soooo many people have recommended sex as a way to get labor going. RuthAnne's comment on that TMI post was the straw that broke the camel's back as the saying goes. I finished reading her comment, then I got into the shower and made myself as fresh as a daisy and woke my sleeping husband.. and.. well. Now I am having contractions.

Things started off around 1pm. I was having mild twinges in my back and lower abdomen. They started to get a teensy bit more intense so I called the birth center. I was asked if I had slept well and if I had eaten. Yes to both. She asked me to take a brisk walk and call back in an hour.. if this was false labor the walk might make the contractions go away. If it was the real thing, they would get more intense. So we went to the track and did a half mile walk, and the contractions got more intense and came almost on the nose 1 minute and 37 seconds apart every time.

We came home and I called the midwife to give her the update. I am ordered to drink lots of fluids and rest, and call her back at 8pm tonight unless things progress rapidly. In that case I should call her sooner, obviously, and she will come over.

The updates will be posted under this same heading, this entry will merely be getting longer. So when you check for an update, keep reading here and just hit your refresh button!

8:30pm (Eastern time) - I called the midwife at 8:00 like she requested. I told her that my contractions are a minute long, and still about 4 - 5 minutes apart. (They slowed down after my brisk walk.) She is going to eat her dinner and then stop by to check and see how I am dilating. Based on that, she will either go home to sleep for a while until things pick up or she'll just hang out. She only lives 10 minutes away. I just finished my own dinner. I had wonton soup from the Chinese restaurant up the street. My fortune cookie said, and I'm not joking: "A good time to start something new." No kidding, eh?

Here is what may be the last belly picture of this pregnancy. It was actually taken mid-contraction.

9:30pm The midwife just left. I am completely effaced, 3cm dilated, and the baby is really really low (as she has been for a while now.) Midwife left all of her equipment and supplies here (scale, oxygen tank, CPR stuff, and a box of other miscellaneous supplies). She wants me to take a warm shower and go to bed so I can rest. I am supposed to call her back when the contractions get more like 3 - 4 minutes apart, but kind of stop me in my tracks as opposed to now when they kind of just annoy me. She estimates this might happen around 3am, give or take a couple of hours. Holy moly I'm about to push a baby out of my vagina. Eeek!

2:00am (eastern time)- Well, momma to be is asleep right now so dadda to be has taken over. I'm sure there are a few of you devoted followers out there that are actually still tracking this process. Since apparently momma to be thinks sleep is more important than her fans, I guess I'll help out.

Momma went to bed I guess around 11 and got up to pee around 12:45! And that just about updates everyone! Goodnight! :)

I'm actually getting quite impatient. I'm bouncing off the walls. Grandpa/Opa to be is in bed; Grandma/Omi to be is laying on the couch watching a ridiculously dumb Jamie Kennedy movie; Older brother to be/Boris the cat is sleeping on Momma to be's feet; and Daddy to be (that's me still) is trying to find anything to do to get my mind off of the Daughter to be! Momma to be just rolled over in case any of you find that interesting!!!

Apparently Madeline intends to be just as pokey as her mother is! She takes her time for everything. Good Grief. I really need something to do. I think I'll go for a drive. Talk to all of you soon!

P.S. Boris (the cat) just yawned! He's bored too!

3:30am Told you that John was a clown! I just got up for a potty break.. contractions seem to have pretty much stopped. Well, maybe one about every 30 minutes. I'm going back to bed, which John just climbed into. Sorry to keep you all in suspense like this, but I guess she's coming out on her own terms. Goodnight!

9:00am (Saturday) Things reeeeeaaalllyyy slowed down during the night. I haven't had a contraction in at least a half hour, since I woke up at 8:30. I spoke to the midwife and she said that it can happen in stages like this, and she recommended that I get up and have my breakfast, go for a walk, and perhaps seduce my husband because sometimes that can get things moving along. No kidding! I didn't tell her that's what did it yesterday.

12:45pm- It's daddy to be here! I've just been awoken by a woman with a big belly! Here we are now 24 hours after contractions started! It's a bit like waking up the morning of December 26 and realizing you didn't get any presents! So sad!!

We're about to go for a walk again to try and get things moving again. I can already tell Little Maddie's going to be high maintenance. I've already grounded her until she's a teenager!!!

8:30pm (Still Saturday..) Nothing to report, unfortunately. My contractions have slowed down to about every 20 - 30 minutes. John is right about this being disappointing! I thought I was gonna be a mama by now. I called the midwife earlier and told her what's going on. She said that today just wasn't the day. Obviously! She said the good thing is that once things pick back up again, I'll only have 7 centimeters to go rather than the full 10. Yippee! Whatever. As uncomfortable as I was yesterday during contractions, I wish they'd start up again so I can have this baby!

12:00 noon (Sunday) I'm just going to go ahead and start a new post up top. Please go up there to read the update!


Jenn Ann said...

YAY!!!!!! Finally!!!! Thanks Ruth Anne - you're my new hero!!!! Good luck Bianka!!!! XOXOXO - love you guys!!!

Ruth Anne said...

I am loving it. If only everyone knew that I was a freaking genius.

Neighbor Chris said...

Way to go, Suttons!! The sacrifices we make for our children...tsk,tsk.

Ellie Mae said...

YAY!!! The next text I get better say that the baby is here...I won't pray that the baby will not look like john...but i do hope for Biankas sake her heads not as big as his!!!!
Good luck and lots of love,
Ellie Mae

Kim Thomas said...

Ruth Anne: I knew you were, read my comment on TMI TMI!

Three cheers to Bianka for blogging!

The Asendorfs said...

Finally! We're so excited for you both, can't wait to meet her! Good luck Bianka! Love you both!

Skipper said...


karinski said...

haha! 1 minute and 37 seconds apart! yay!

ToFishTeacher said...

Baby Dominic is so excited to hear Baby Madeline is on her way! We hope to get to meet her in Cali sometime soon!
-- Maggie
P.S. May your worst contraction be not much more than "annoying" ;-)

mama said...

Yeah, sure. Go ahead and say it was that fresh as a daisy thing.......Oma and Opa are here! Love you lots!

neighbor jen said...

I love this website! It is great for as John would say..."crackhead" nosy neighbor. Good luck Bianka!

Jenn Ann said...

Why did daddy to be wait until now to start blogging - he's funny!

Maddie seems to be stubborn like her Mama :)

Marla said...

you guys are too funny!! it is entertainting to check every so often for updates...thanks!!!

Queen B said...

Wow, blogging during labor, I am impressed. this is an awesome post :)

karinski said...

Well this is just obnoxious. We thought she was going to have the same birthday as Marcella and were so excited. But now it looks as though she will come later. grrrr. I want pics already!!!

Ruth Anne said...

At least you know what you need to do again.

Jenn Ann said...

I completely expected to come home from Willard's tournament and see pictures of Madeline...or at least hear that you were close. I'll continue to stay close to my cell phone...just in case!

Jessica said...

Good Golley!! Still no baby??? Normally mom's can give the guilt trip to there kids by saying I was in labor for 20 something hours. You my dear can use the I was in labor for days!!!! Good luck guys!!!!