Friday, November 9, 2007

Well well well..

Here we are. It's Friday morning, November 9th. I am still pregnant. Every morning I wake up this past week I think "Darn!" for not having gone into labor during the night.

On Thursday I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom, dusting and vacuuming and washing and wiping and putting things away. Did that help? Obviously not. I was having some squeezy crampy feelings, but nothing that became regular or stronger. All they did was give John and I false hope. This child apparently is a joker like her Daddy. Or perhaps stubborn like her Mommy.

Last night John and I went on another mile and a half walk. I skipped, hopped like a bunny (seriously), and swayed my hips like a jezebel the whole time. Aaaanndddd nothing. It has gotten pretty cold here in Florida over the past week.. I'm thinking she's going to wait until it warms up again and possibly be born next spring.

John is still asleep. When he wakes up I'll have him take a belly profile picture of me for your viewing pleasure.

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Jenn Ann said...

Bust out those belly dancing moves! Oma and Opa will be there soon...she's just waiting for them!