Sunday, November 11, 2007

Suspense? Action? Mystery?

12:15pm (Sunday) The midwife just left. She stopped by to check on things.. Baby still has a nice strong heart beat and sounds very happy. Maybe too happy? I am dilated to 4cm and the midwife was easily able to stretch it to 6cm. I am half way to being dilated without all the trouble of actual labor! Haha.. She said my cervix is "susceptible", meaning that it is nice and stretchy and should do well in labor.. if that ever actually starts back up! In the mean time, things are fine. John and I are about to go on another brisk walk, to see if that combined with her manipulating my cervix and membranes doesn't get something going again. Stay tuned!

7:30pm I've had a few contractions here and there.. stronger than yesterday but not as strong as Friday's. John just drove me down a really bumpy dirt road and sped over some speed bumps to try to shake the baby loose. We'll see how things progress during the night!


Jenn Ann said...

As if there were any doubt Madeline was going to be the center of attention :)

Apparently we're all supposed to be learning to be patient!

Pickle said...

Awe you guys are getting creative now. Have you tried spicy food? I've heard that works...However watch out for the heartburn if you are susceptible to it like i am. I can't believe how long she's taking. Pretty sure this will be the theme of her life. ;) Always waiting but worth the wait!