Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Monday!

Still no baby. Truth be told, doing this the natural way is what the "problem" is. Starting and stopping labor is not out of the ordinary, especially for a first time mommy. If I were giving birth in a hospital, I would definitely have a baby by now. On Friday, when my labor stopped, I would have been given drugs due to my stalled labor.. had that not worked I would have had a cesarean section. I'm very thankful I have chosen the route I have at this point.. that way baby can come when she and my body are ready. Unfortunately (!!!) that makes for some real tests of patience for everyone involved and following along! I really wish she was born by now, but I'm willing to wait for a good thing. :)


Jenn Ann said...

I'm proud of you!!!

Robin said...

hey miss B .. hang in there. I started and stopped labor too w/Addison and I soooo relate to the let down. She will come in her own good time and it will be wonderful!