Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Tuesday. Still pregnant. I had an appointment with the midwife today. Everything is still nice and healthy. I told her that I feel mild cramps once in a while but they don't come back. She said that if nothing happens this week, then she'll do a membrane sweep some time this weekend if she goes into the office, or on Tuesday during my next appointment.

The following paragraph is not for the squeamish. Or my Dad. Parental guidance is suggested. TMI and a half.

Several people, midwife included, have suggested "What got the baby in will get the baby out." In other words, sex. To be quite honest, that hasn't been happening lately. You know those perineal massages I mentioned a while ago? Well, I haven't been able to reach myself well enough to do those adequately. My belly is kind of in the way. So husband does them for me, in the dark, while watching the television. (Room darkened per both of our wishes. Who wants to see a cooter being stretched?) So anyway, one time John had his thumbs up there, and the baby has dropped so low that he could actually feel her head. He stopped and met my eyes and told me he could feel her. I didn't believe him and he kind of poked his thumbs around and she moved in my belly. A lot. It was actually kind of cool on his end, being so close to his baby and being able to feel her head move with his fingers.. but anyway.. that is why we do not have sex. Just KNOWING her head is right there. Knowing that's what you're feeling. You know? It just seems so wrong.


Mama said...

Seriously!! TMI indeed! Still love you lots and baby IS waiting for Oma and Opa!

Ruth Anne said...

Ok, TMI, but you need to have sex. Several reasons:
1-in the hospital we encourage it for stalled labor.
2-The nipple stimulation causes contractions (we use that for contraction tests.)
3-the orgasm stimulates contractions with your uterus, which encourages labor.
4-the repetition and percussion on your cervix helps you dilate.
5-sperm actually has prostaglandins in it. It is in the same medicine doctors insert vaginally to help dilate you.

Go to the store and get evening primose. (Some midwives tell you to insert vaginally, I just took 3 orally.) Have sex and don't wash up. You will probably so into labor while you sleep. It has worked 3 times for me.

Pickle said...

Im not sure what is worse your blog's TMI or Ruth Anne's Comment? Both quite interesting and I have now made a mental note for the future when I grow up and get married and get pregnant.

Kim Thomas said...

Ruth Anne has all the best information!!!!